Pilot area in Gaya District, Bihar

For almost two years we learn in the field how to build the energy networks of tomorrow

So far Rural Spark has 64 active Local Energy Suppliers that use 94 energy kits every day to
charge over 1100 lamps out in the field touching more than 5500 peoples lives each day.
— 2015


On average the Local Energy Supplier pays ₹628 per month to Rural Spark and earns an additional income of ₹1942

In total ₹48343 per month is being payed by the Local Energy Suppliers. So far ₹352000 on monthly fees and ₹102000 deposits has been collected.
Together our Local Energy Suppliers charged 493.600 lamps and mobile phones; generating 34.83 kilowatts, saving 50.341 liters of kerosene and 1,31 tonnes of CO2.


Bankey Bazar

Bankey Bazar is about one and a half hour drive from Gaya. Around this town, many village are still without energy. Although in some of the villages the grid is built over the last few years, it hardly ever works.

Since 2012, Rural Spark runs pilots together with Basix Group. In this area, we work closely together with Women Self Help Groups. Over 70 entrepreneurs are renting out lamps and charging mobile phones. It is inspiring to see how motivated many of our customers are, some rent over 50 lamps and own even 3 solar panels. For these people, Rural Spark became a large source of income.

Guraru Block

In the Guraru Block, west of Gaya, we started our first pre-paid pilots. In this area we work with Mr. Raju, a shop owner in the middel of the Guraru town. He rents out the Rural Spark kits. With only a limited amount of pre-paid Spark Stations currently available, we could only scale to 15 customers.

The energy routers in this area work with a pre-paid model, this means that every month, the customers need to go to Raju’s shop to top up their energy router. Raju can buy extra activations codes directly from use through an sms service. This way we can track exactly how the pilot is running.