Influencing the lives of over 5,000 people, already today


Although a massive role-out is yet to happen, Rural Spark currently serves as many as 64 active Local Energy Suppliers in Gaya (Bihar, India). Together these Local Energy Suppliers use 94 Rural Spark energy kits every day to charge over 1,100 lamps as well as many mobile phones, fans and radios. These products touch upon the lives of over 5,500 people each day.

Moreover, the Local Energy Suppliers earn an additional monthly income of INR 1,000 , which equals approximately 25% of an average monthly income. Also, it increases the development at the village level, turning these rural villagers into more resilient entrepreneurs. Together our Local Energy Suppliers charged 493,600 lamps and mobile phones; generating 34.83 kilowatts, saving 50,341 litres of kerosene and 1.31 tonnes of CO2. And that’s just the beginning.