Rural Spark at international entrepreneurship event

Rosmalen - Last Friday, November 16th, Rural Spark was one of the Keynote speakers regarding on international entrepreneurship Event by ‘Thuis in Rosmalen’ and ‘VRO’. Focus was on the solution Rural Spark provides: how people with very different demands, can power their devices with the same solution. We can really provide people with a better livelihood and increased opportunities.

The challenges in innovating in a sector are significant. Rural Spark is not just providing a technical solution, but is pushing to create an ecosystem. This is a challenge faced by multiple entrepreneurs crossing borders.

Through several individual sessions, as well as panel discussions, challenges and opportunties for international entrepreneurship were explored. For Rural Spark, expanding market focus largely to Sub-Saharan Africa, opportunities arise in cooperation with local partners that, just like us, focus on creating an ecosystem for reliable and sustainable electrification.

See where you can join in to provide access to electricity in a reliable, future-proof & scalable solution. Either through partnerships or investments.

It was a very interesting evening with a wide range of different organisations in different sectors.

More photos in this newspaper article.