Rural Spark Product Launch & Market Transformation

Last Thursday, April 13th, the residence of the Dutch Ambassador in India was floor the official Rural Spark Product Launch event. Accompanied by presenting a roadmap on how to transform the rural Indian energy market which lead to an interesting discussion over dinner, it was a fruitful evening. With several business leaders and innovators in the sector present, it was an important step in convincing major players for a reliable, service-centred model for rural energy access. for photos, see the bottom of this post

During the evening we shared where Rural Spark comes from and what its vision is: Continuous Energy Access for Everyone. To do this, Rural Spark launched a new, modular, product that provides access to real and reliable energy. Villagers can decide themselves how to use the energy, the high quality of the product in combination with a 2 year warranty program and the possibility to exchange energy surpluses to ensure energy access, makes the solution reliable. We were happy to share some actual feedback from the field, where several Local Energy Suppliers have been enjoying the new kit for a while already.

For info on the new kit, please see: Energy Kit Page & Product Video
For feedback from the field, please see: 
Local Energy Suppliers Model & Bankey Bazar Insights

After this introduction, Alphonsus Stoelinga, Ambassador of the Netherlands and host of the evening, activated the router, officially launching the new kit, now ready to enter the market. We’re happy to collaborate with you to actually make this happen.

The evening was concluded with a dinner where we discussed a transforming market where energy should no longer be a commodity. Villagers should have access to a continuous, reliable solution. For this, (new) user centred service models have to be developed, including offering flexible financial products (since product configurations can change and solutions can develop along with the development of the village - access to energy increases aspiration), transparency and reverse logistics. Obviously Rural Spark promotes this service approach by, for example, introducing their multi-level Service Platform, a 2 year warranty plan and substantial partner support.

The dinner gave floor to an energetic discussion on how to transform the rural Indian energy market. The discussion was joined by business leaders and innovators from different sectors like Ehands, Simpa Networks, OIKO Credit, DharmaLife, ARC finance, IEX, TERI Labl, ICCO, Engie, Niti Aayog and Village Capital. Together we realisedthat we should offer real solutions villagers can rely on, transforming the market by looking for inclusive models for a sustainable future.

Thank you for playing a role in revolutionising the energy sector,

The Rural Spark team