press-release: Product Launch by Dutch Ambassador in Delhi

Product launch & market transformation by Dutch Ambassador Alphonsus Stoelinga in Delhi

On April 13th in the afternoon, Rural Spark - a Dutch Indian company - will officially launch its new Energy Kit to celebrate innovation in the rural energy sector. The event, hosted by The Ambassador of the Netherlands Alphonsus Stoelinga, will also be the stage for discussing market transformation of the rural energy sector. A select group of leaders and innovators in the rural energy sector has been invited for the product launch and discussion, concluded with a dinner at the residence of the Ambassador.

Product launch
During the event Rural Spark will launch their new ‘Rural Spark Energy Kit’. The high quality kit provides rural villagers with reliable access to energy while creating additional income. Users of the kit are called ‘Local Energy Suppliers’”, Evan Mertens - one of the founders - says, focussing on the ability for villagers to earn money by supplying fellow villagers with energy through an entrepreneurial solution for access to energy with modular storage. “The model is simple”, Prarabdh Mishra, sales head of Rural Spark, explains, “with the kit, they generate enough energy to supply approximately 15 households with energy. It allows them to enjoy lighting, use a fan, watch TV or charge mobile phones.”
The Rural Spark kit comes in different configurations, is of high quality and comes with 2 year replacement warranty. It contains a prepaid system supported by the Rural Spark service platform. It is designed for village level business creation and modular storage, increasing flexibility and stimulating the exchange of energy surpluses.

Innovative solution
Energy generated is stored in external, modular battery packs Rural Spark calls ‘Cubes’. These cubes automatically charge or discharge depending on energy availability. Stored energy can be used later or traded between Local Energy Suppliers which significantly increases efficiency and reliability. The Rural Spark solution is activated by entering an automatically generated code after payment. Payments and usage are recorded in a Service Platform. Rural Spark claims to create an ecosystem to grow a reliable future-proof network. The Rural Spark Service Platform is the core of this network, facilitating partners and providing insights for our Local Energy Suppliers.

Market transformation
“Currently the rural energy market is typically a commodity market. At Rural Spark we realise it is essential and inevitable the market will become a utility market”, co-founder Harmen van Heist - states. “For providing a reliable, future proof solution, it is essential to create a sustainable value chain designed for a utility market where distribution partners, product partners and financial partners cooperate to provide a sustainable and inclusive solution that allows for a mature energy network to emerge.” Rural Spark is convinced such a model is inevitable for Indias rural areas, not only for the energy sector. For the event partners from all sectors are invited to discuss the challenges and opportunities of such models. “We hope we can actually start building this infrastructure together with these leaders and innovators” van Heist mentions.

The event will be held on Thursday, April 13th at 18:30 at the residency of the Dutch Ambassador.

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