Phaidra and Tim researching Rural Spark

See the two enthusiastic students above, Tim Bisschop and Phaidra Rullmann. These second year Advanced Business Creation students at Avans University of applied sciences in 's-Hertogenbosch are going to dive into the commercial side of Rural Spark.

Rural Spark works with a lot of existing rural distribution partners, forming partnerships for rural electrification. Phaidra and Tim will dive into this partnership creation, trying to look into best practises and alternative business models and types of partnership creation.

Their field of studies, Advanced Business Creation, fits this challenge as it is a field of eduction in which innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity are the building blocks. Students learn to systematically innovate products or services and develop skills and knowledge to facilitate sustainability innovation and how to realize this.  We have high hopes these skills and experiences will contribute to Rural Spark in it's goal to realise impact, traction and results by providing access to energy in rural India.

Phaidra and Tim are excited to dive into Rural Spark because Rural Spark is really making a difference in the world. They are confident to make with their research, helping Rural Spark to reach their mission. 

We are happy to have them focussing on Rural Spark and look forward to learn from their findings and suggestions. We keep you posted!