NIBM'18: The importance of Infrastructure

Rotterdam, September 2018 - Rural Spark was present during the 2018 Netherlands India Business Meet, organised by NICCT and hosted by the Mayer of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb.

Harmen van Heist, co-founder Rural Spark, at NIBM 2018

Harmen van Heist, co-founder Rural Spark, at NIBM 2018

Harmen was keynote speaker on the event that focussed on innovating infrastructure. For electrification, infrastructure is a big factor to work on. The rural Indian market can be described as a typical commodity market. In the rural markets, solar lanterns and solar home systems are being sold without a smart service model or a bigger vision towards the future. However, to really provide a future proof, scalable solution, the market will have to transform into a micro-utility market. Rural Spark sets out to modify the sector from a commodity industry to a utility industry. This model requires new infrastructure and distribution models, together with all partners involved.

Rural Spark: a solution that fits the context.

Rural Spark offers an ecosystem that does provide support to our partners, and strengthens the infrastructure for real electrification to happen.

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There is still a lot of work to do and Rural Spark is looking forward to work with even more partners to change the sector. This demands new approaches towards the villages, including after sales, service and customer relationships. As Rural Spark, we have tools in place to facilitate this, as the Rural Spark Service Platform supports the complete value chain. This online tool tracks & triggers payments, activates systems, provides service, offers marketing opportunities and makes the money flow transparent for distribution partners. It also allows for direct contact with the villagers for support, tips, promotions and increasing user engagement. Sales force automation, Credit Score Cards, Inventory Management and After Sales ticketing strengthen the infrastructure.

Currently reliable, future proof solutions that hold potential, have difficulties reaching the market because they can’t flurish using ’singe-sale-models’. Innovating Infrastructure it is!

Let’s Electrify. Let’s make it happen.