Rural Spark joins Alliance for Rural Electrification

Rural Spark is delighted to inform you it has become a proud member of the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE). It is the vision of ARE that by 2030 everyone in the world and in particular all rural people in low-and medium income countries should have access to affordable, secure and clean energy and energy services.

The members of ARE contribute and stimulate sustainable development in non-electrified rural areas of developing countries by promoting accelerating access to electricity services from renewable energies. Rural Spark fulfils this by providing Energy Kits in the rural and remote areas of India and is planning to expand to other parts of India and neighbouring South Asian countries. Rural Spark and ARE will work closely together in understanding countries polices and government programs that are in line with the mission of ARE.


Joining the Alliance for Rural Electrification adds to the geographical expansion Rural Spark is aiming for. The overview below shows the focus within India. Partnering with ARE will also boost the expansion outside India. Exciting times. #BeTheSpark #ExpandTheSpark.

Rural Spark and Indian Geographical Expansion.jpeg