Grethel joins Rural Spark to strengthen our whole Supply Chain.

Rural Spark is enthousiastic to welcome Grethel Gamboa in the position of Supply Chain Executive. Grethel will be joining us to strengthen Rural Spark in providing a WOW experience to its partners by delivering better solutions faster. She will be in charge of the logistics matters including, but not limited to planning, product quality control, procurement and delivery of our products. 

Grethel has an extensive background and a wealth of experience in logistics and warehousing. Her previous roles as a Supply Chain Planer, Inventory Supervisor and Logistic Coordinator allows her to have a Know-how approach which is essential to accomplish our goals. Additionally, she has recently obtained a diploma as Global Lawyer from Tilburg University which is an add- on to her professional carrier strengthening her skills. 

 Grethel is highly attuned to nature. She believes that living in harmony with the environment and having a close connection with other species are key to create a balance in everybody’s life. Dogs are her favorite animals followed by panda bears, penguins, crocodiles, tigers, monkeys, pigs, sharks, parrots, butterflies and bees. Besides her unique passion for the nature, Grethel enjoys dancing and listening at classical music, jazz, tango, salsa and rock.

We’re happy to have her on board and to providing an even better customer experience. There might even be some occasional dancing at the office, of which we’re convinced it will only improve all services offered by Rural Spark.

Welcome to the team Grethel!

Rural Spark raises €492.000 through crowdfunding campaign.

The conclusion of a very successful campaign: with raising almost €492.000, we hit 246% of our target.

Thank you for the support!

We will soon invite all investors for a toast to celebrate the success. Now full focus on electrification of Africa, a beautiful and important endeavour!

Special thanks to Symbid and Blyde for helping us to build this successful campaign, great job!

Rural Spark commits to Gogla Customer Protection Code

June 21, 2019 - Rural Spark officially commits to the Gogla Customer Protection code. The code aims to safeguard impacts and respecting rights of consumers.

Rural Spark is proud to commit to the extremely important principles. It’s also great to see more and more organisations in the sector commit to Customer Protection Code. In the worlds of Gogla: it allows us to change more worlds faster, together! We believe it's a big step forwards not only in taking the sector forward in a sustainable way, but also in taking people along in the rapid developments. Only responsible development and innovation ensures the progress in the sector is supported.

NIBM'18: The importance of Infrastructure

Rotterdam, September 2018 - Rural Spark was present during the 2018 Netherlands India Business Meet, organised by NICCT and hosted by the Mayer of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb.

Harmen van Heist, co-founder Rural Spark, at NIBM 2018

Harmen van Heist, co-founder Rural Spark, at NIBM 2018

Harmen was keynote speaker on the event that focussed on innovating infrastructure. For electrification, infrastructure is a big factor to work on. The rural Indian market can be described as a typical commodity market. In the rural markets, solar lanterns and solar home systems are being sold without a smart service model or a bigger vision towards the future. However, to really provide a future proof, scalable solution, the market will have to transform into a micro-utility market. Rural Spark sets out to modify the sector from a commodity industry to a utility industry. This model requires new infrastructure and distribution models, together with all partners involved.

Rural Spark: a solution that fits the context.

Rural Spark offers an ecosystem that does provide support to our partners, and strengthens the infrastructure for real electrification to happen.

Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 15.22.20.png

There is still a lot of work to do and Rural Spark is looking forward to work with even more partners to change the sector. This demands new approaches towards the villages, including after sales, service and customer relationships. As Rural Spark, we have tools in place to facilitate this, as the Rural Spark Service Platform supports the complete value chain. This online tool tracks & triggers payments, activates systems, provides service, offers marketing opportunities and makes the money flow transparent for distribution partners. It also allows for direct contact with the villagers for support, tips, promotions and increasing user engagement. Sales force automation, Credit Score Cards, Inventory Management and After Sales ticketing strengthen the infrastructure.

Currently reliable, future proof solutions that hold potential, have difficulties reaching the market because they can’t flurish using ’singe-sale-models’. Innovating Infrastructure it is!

Let’s Electrify. Let’s make it happen.

Bart Driessen joining the team of directors

Rural Spark is proud to announce that we have found Bart Driessen to be our Executive Director.

Bart is a experienced entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience. He founded a creative communication agency and made that company grow to an award-winning major player. The company provided many national and international corporates, startups, governments and ngos with services as corporate identity, communication/marketing strategy, creative design and digital services.

Bart is a generalist, combining a clear vision, strategic overview and entrepreneurship with hands-on mentality. He is a leader, aimed to build and motivate teams. He has a creative mind that always comes up with new solutions and new opportunities.

His leadership capabilities will inspire the whole team to speed up growth, making Rural Spark even more sustainable, financially viable and innovative. One of his major focus points will be the marketing strategy of Rural Spark.