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The independent journalistic platform Innovation Origins focuses on innovation, the business of innovation and the people behind it. Stories that determine tomorrow’s society.

The platform provides you with a Sneak Preview of the Future, and wrote a very interesting and spot on article on Rural Spark and SmartPower Nigeria, and their endeavour to electrify a million households in Nigeria:

Marketingfacts: "The energy-challenge solved, Rural Spark does it like this"

The Marketing Webslog 'MarketingFacts' features an article on Rural Spark and it's endavour to provide people with Acces to Electricity. It focusses on our vision where we build toward a network in which users share energy surpluses to make the network reliable.

Co-Founder Evan focusses on the importance of distributed energy-networks to provide an answer to the increasing demand for energy worldwide. "We have to realise current centralised solutions won't suffice for generations to come. Instead of central powerplants, more and more people get their energy directly from their neighbours. We facilitate this already in developing countries, so they can leapfrog the centralised solutions."

Evan @ Top Names (Fast Moving Targets): "Sharing Energy is the future"

"It's time to move beyond centralised power plants, people more and more generate their own energy. Not only in the Netherlands, but everywhere. Evan Mertens, co-founder at Rural Spark, speaks about the Rural Spark router, how we can leapfrog centralised networks in developing markets, and how the energy sector is developing in general"

Sit down and relax for a 30 minutes interview with co-founder Evan Mertens at Top Names, a show by Fast Moving Targets.

Rural Spark as example for smart solutions in Financial Dagblad.

March 10 2018 - With the Netherlands joining the International Solar Alliance (ISA), projects for solar will be stimulated. The Dutch 'Financieel Dagblad' and Dutch Embassy in India feature Rural Spark as an example for bringing smart solutions to connect rural areas. Happy to cooperate with ISA and actually make it happen, because smart solutions are the real way forward for reliable access to clean, safe and sustainable energy.

Find the full article below, in Dutch: on Rural Spark

Telegraaf, the largest newspaper in the Netherlands, featuring Rural Spark

In Dutch, translation below.

NEW DELHI - It sounds logical: about 240 million people in india do not have access to electricity, and the energy coming from the sun is enormous. Evan Mertens, of the Dutch company Rural Spark, therefor is convinced the future of the Asian country lies with solar energy.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 14.07.08.png

Rural Spark focusses on areas where there wasn’t any energy solution before

Although it does sound logical, it is not easy to just implement solar in the enormous country. “Since last year, the attention on solar-energy in India is enormous” Mertens explains. “That attention is good, but now it’s time for the next step: implementation”.

By the end of 2018, all of India should be electrified, prime minister Narendra Modi claims. The Dutch and Indian team at Rural Spark focusses mainly on the rural areas, on places where they is no energy solution present. With innovative designed solar powered battery packs, lamps and accompanied rental model, the company is active in Bihar working to implement their solution.

“Accomplishing this means running marathons, not sprints”, Mertens, having office in New Delhi, explains. “We often encounter situations that we could have never envisioned from the drawing table. One of our first batteries had a perfectly fine cooling system, but while visiting the fields we saw how villagers still kept the batteries in the plastic bag that came with the product upon delivery.”j

Another challenge is caused by governmental regulations. “If you want the government as your partner, you have to comply to a lot of specifications and regulations. Often our products and ideas are ahead in innovation as compared to these specifications and regulations”.

ENGIE Innovation on "investment in very innovative startups" like Rural Spark

ENGIE Innovation, one of our main investors, published a video on "investment in very innovative startups" like Rural Spark. Check out our co-founder Evan on "innovation through technical solutions and innovative business models can really grow solutions for people in the field".

Engie (former GDF SUEZ) Rassembleurs d'Energies is investing in Rural Spark since December 2013, and has been a dedicated partner since. Together we share the mission for rural electrification through innovation, transforming lives & communities with innovative, impactful and sustainable solutions.

Rural Spark mentioned in Iba ventures blog

For Inclusive Business Accelerator, Nicolas Chevrollier wrote an article on the BoP market. The base of the global economic pyramid (BoP) comprises 4 billion people and represents a $5 trillion USD market opportunity. Both corporates and entrepreneurs recognize this large and growing opportunity. Both struggle to realize it. Corporate Impact Venturing allows them to complement each others weaknesses and reinforce their strengths. Together, they can reach the scale that is required to close the massive service delivery and income opportunity gaps at the BoP.

RVO Praktijkverhalen

The Dutch "Rijksdienst voor ondernemend Nederland" (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) stimulates entrepreneurship. With several programs they support new ideas to ter the market. To show their work, they feature 4 innovative enterprises, one of them being Rural Spark. Marcel was interviewed on how 'Starterslift' is contributing to Rural Spark. Starterslift is a Dutch startup accelerator program who is involved with Rural Spark for a few years now. They are strong in pushing the 'lean startup' forward. Read the article with the link below (Dutch only)

BNR Duurzaaam

BNR Duurzaaam

BNR Duurzaam (A Dutch 'all day news' radio channel) featured a short interview with Rural Spark today in BNR Duurzaam (BNR Sustainable). Before Rural Spark, the program talked with André Jurjus, director of the Dutch Distribution network operators about what is needed to innovate energy grids. Rural Spark was asked to tell how 'we are already doing this today' in India. Click in the player above to listen to the interview, or listen to the whole broadcast below (in Dutch).

Blogpost on

OneWorld is a mayor magazine an blog in the Netherlands that writes about everything that happens in the world, and mostly how everything is related. Rural Spark is asked to guest-author a series of blog posts about our work in India.

Harmen wrote this last post about our efforts into scaling up. What happens when it becomes real and big.

ABN AMRO Sociaal Ondernemen

ABN AMRO Sociaal Ondernemen

For the "Social Entrepreneurship" branch of ABN Amro, Rural Spark was asked to tell their story about how Rural Spark combines business with social and environmental goals, during the World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam. Out of 10 social endeavours, Rural Spark was elected winner. To celebrate, a video was created; a portrait of one of our founders, Marcel van Heist.