Rita and Rina

Rina and Ritaare the central spill one of the areas Rural Spark is active, serving as field executives. They both have become very independent women, Rita’ s husband works locally while Rita’s husband works in another city. Education of children are their priority in life and they want the children to get into better jobs in future. They both have been working from a young age mostly with NGOs and village level federations conducting Self Help Group (SHG) meetings and mobilising the community. They are strong community leaders in their region.

Rina and Rita are not only local energy suppliers from the first hours but also work as Field Executive in Rural Spark. They both manage the entire process right from the registration of a new customer to rent and supplying products and spare-parts. Together they have been able to set up a warehouse for storage of goods, inventory, and returned products. They develop a system to make sure the numbers of the warehouse are always correct and where materials are in the field. Besides that, they also organise the money collection. A high level of micro management is present here, and we could clearly see how proud the two women are of running the operations to make sure energy becomes available. This has boosted their self-confidence. Their networks have expanded and they have become confident enterprising women.