Ravikant Verma

After running several businesses, from Flour Mill to Chai Shops, Ravikant Verma now runs a small convenience store next to his home in Gaya, Bihar. Being present in his shop all day, he has also become a Rural Spark Energy Supplier. And well, quite a Local Energy Supplier he is. Ravikant runs not less than 4 Energy Kits through which he lends out 60 lamps to his fellow villagers, while also providing mobile phone charging for a small fee.

Running a business comes naturally for Ravikant. As soon as he learned about the Rural Spark Energy Kit, he came up with their owns ways to earn profit out of it. Lending lamps to street vendors, charging mobile phones, designing a special package for students during exams were some ways they discovered on their own. Initially he started with just one Energy Kit and 15 lamps, but as he discovered more ways to earn through them, he started adding more kits.

His entrepreneurial intelligence also motivated his wife to start a small business with the savings he has accumulated over time by operating the Rural Spark Energy Kits. Babita, his wife, now runs a cosmetic cum tailoring shop and almost 70% of the investment in the new shop comes from the savings through the Rural Spark Energy Kit, Ravikant confirms.

Ravikant now started to experiment with operating a video parlour where he would be running a Television, during cricket matches or movies evenings. Also, he rents out the Rural Spark lights for special festivals using Rural Spark Energy Cubes to power them during the event.