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The router

+ How do I activate my router?

Routers come without balance and cannot be used before activation. Please make sure your router is activated by a registered agent. Contact your point of sales for more information. If your router is activated, but a new token needs to be entered, see the next question:

+ How do I enter a token to activate or rechare my router?

To activate or recharge your router, a token is required. A token contains a 16 digits code, that is divided in 2 parts of 8 digits.

  1. After receiving an SMS, the token needs to be enter in the Router.
  2. Make sure either an energy source is connected to the router (at the back), or a charged cube is connected to one of the USB ports.
  3. Press and hold the OK button for a few seconds until the first LED starts blinking. This button is found on the far right side at the front of the router with 'OK' mentioned above it.
  4. Now enter the first 8 digits of the token. Use the 0 and 1 buttons next to the OK button. You can see your input reflected in the 8 LED lights next to the 0 and 1 buttons. LED off = 0, LED on = 1.
  5. Press OK after entering the first 8 digit code.
  6. Now enter the second part of the binary code, the other 8 digits.
  7. Press OK.
  8. The OK button will flash green for a brief moment, meaning the token input process is successful.

If the OK button blinks red for a brief moment, the code entered was wrong. Try again after 10 seconds and repeat from step 2. The lock time will increase after each attempt.

If you made a typing error and you haven’t pressed OK yet, you can hold OK for 3 seconds to start over again.

If you did a RECHARGE, it should be reflected in the money indicator on the left side of the router.

+ How do I get a token?

A token can easily be requested through SMS. Simply send the right SMS and you'll receive a token. For the right SMS and phone number, you need to contact your point of sales. If you can't solve the problem with your contact person, contact us through the customer support form.

+ Why is my token not working? (OK button turns red)

  1. check if your token consist out of two parts of 8 digits (16 digits in total) expressed in 1 and 0?
  2. Make sure you wait until the first LED of the 8 token LEDs are blinking, then press the OK button. After that enter the other 8 digits and press OK again.
  3. Check whether you are entering the tokens in the right order if you received multiple (e.g. first registration, then recharge).

+ What do the lights next to the money icon mean?

The token balance indicator, indicates the number of weeks left before the router will turn off:

  • 4 lights: 4 weeks or more left
  • 3 lights: 3 weeks or more left
  • 2 lights: 2 weeks or more left
  • 1 light (green): 1 weeks or more left
  • 1 light blinking green: less than 1 week left
  • 1 light blinking red: less than 2 days left
  • 1 light (red): out of balance

+ What do the lights next to the solar panel icon mean?

The solar level indicator indicates the amount of solar energy available. The more lights are on, the more neergy is available. The indicatior will turn red when no or low solar energy is available. (Indicative only)

+ What does the energy balance indicator show me?

The Energy Balance Indicator (the half circle at the center of your reouter) incidcates the energy balance in the router. It roughly sholws wheter there is energy surpluss or deficit.

  • If arrow to the right is on: energy surplus, connect extra cubes or lamps to store the surplus energy;
  • If arrow in the middle is on: energy balanced, no surplus, no deficit;
  • If arrow to the left is on: low energy, consider connecting extra charged cubes to supply extra energy or disconnect lamps
  • if arrow to the left blinks red: energy deficit, add extra cubes to supply extra energy or disconnect devices

+ Can I directly use grid power (or another AC source)?

Yes, any AC source can be used to power te router. This can even be done in combination with the use of solar panel(s). To power the router (and all connected devices) with AC power, you need a AC-DC Adapter. It is advised to use a 18V, 4A AC-DC Adapter. Also make sure there is no tension on both during connecting. Check whether the DC output of the AC-DC adapter is not lower than 15V or higher than 24V. Also the adapter should be current-limited to 4A.

+ Why is my router locked?

  • If you entered the wrong tokens see "How do I enter a token to activate or rechare my router?"
  • If you entered a solar panel with a voltage higher than 25V, remove the panel, and press “0” to unlock it again. Don’t plug in the same solar panel again.

+ I don’t see any lights switiching on.

Please check the following steps:

  1. Is the Solar Panel Cable connected to the solar panel?
  2. Is the Solar Panel Cable connected to the router?
  3. Is there sun outside now?
  4. Is the Solar Panel able to capture sunlight?
  5. Is the Solar Panel broken?
  6. Are there any cubes connected?
  7. Is there any other power source connected to the back?

If you checked the steps above, and still weren't able to detect te problem, please contact your point of sales or contact us through the customer support form.

The Cube

+ How do I share energy using the Cube?

Sharing energy using the cube can be done in multiple ways. Simply connect the cube to your router to get it charged. A full cube can be used as a power source directly, or can be connected to any Rural Spark Router to power any device connected to that router.

+ Can I power multiple devices with the Cube?

Yes, the cube can power 2 devices at the same time. It also allows to charge both the cube, and one other connected device, at the same time. Simply connect the cube to the router, and connect another device to the cube.

+ Can I power 2A devices using the Cube?

The Cube automatically provices the amperage your device requires. It provides 1A (often used for phones) as well as 2A (often used for tablets). Even more, it allows you to charge devices that need high amperage with an adapter that gives only low amperage. Just put the cube in between. Anytime.

+ Can I charge the Cube with other chargers?

The cube can be charged with any USB charger, even the morst shitty ones, using any USB to USB cable.

Powering devices

+ What devices can I power?

The Rural Spark router can power any 12V DC device, and any USB powered device. For 12V devices, the device needs to be Direct Current (DC), maximum voltage not higher than 24V, maximum not higher than current 4A. For details on how to connect devices, see the question regarding 12V DC devices or regarding USB devices.

+ How do I connect 12V Devices?

  • The device should have Proper plugs in order to connect it to the router. These plugs have dimensions of: ID:2.5 mm, OD:5.5 mm
  • The device needs to be Direct Current (DC), maximum voltage not higher than 24V, maximum not higher than current 4A.
  • Connect the plugs into the back of the router:
    1. plus to red / red to red
    2. minus to black / black to black
  • Turn on 12V power by clicking the 12V button (far left of the front of the router).

+ How do I connect USB Devices?

Plug the USB device into one of the 16 USB ports on the side on the router.

+ Why does my device not switch on?

  • Did you connect a power source? And does the power source deliver sufficient energy?
  • In case of a 12V device: did you press the 12V button? If yes, there should be light visible at the 12V button.

+ Why does my device switch off?

  • Check if there is enough power and whether the power source is connected correctly.
  • Press and hold the 12V button when turning on the 12V power supply. The LED indicator in the button will blink every second to indicate the always on mode is activated.

+ Always on mode / Temporary mode

  • If you press it for 10 seconds, the 12v button can be used to toggle between 'always on mode' and 'temporary mode'
  • In temporary mode, if the 12V is not used for 30 minutes, it switchees off.
  • The LED indicator in the button will blink every second to indicate the always on mode is activated.