Rural Spark Home Energy Kit

The sytem-focused solar solution for rural areas that allows for powering multiple additional devices.

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Rural Spark Home Energy Kit
- 1 Rural Spark Router
- 3 Rural Spark Cubes
- 1 Rural Spark Lamp
- 3 Wired LED bulbs
- 1 FM radio + USB & SD card slots
- The Rural Spark Service Platform

* product specs below

At the core of the kit is the Rural Spark router. It converts all available solar power to multiple outlets. The router powers all of your devices, and automatically stores energy that is not used in the Rural Spark Smart Cubes, and starts using this energy when required.

Generated energy that is not directly uses, is stored in cubes. You can add up to sixteen cubes. The cube automatically charges itself when there is a surplus of energy and it automatically provides energy back to the router, when you need more the sun provides.
The cubes also function as power stations themselves, fully charged, they can directly power any application of your liking.

We offer a range of appliances that are energy efficient and they work well together with the Rural Spark router. You can also connect any appliance that runs on USB (like mobile phones) or that works on 12V DC.

Customizable configurations

The Rural Spark kit configuration is customisable, including options to add a second solar panel, increase/decrease the storage capacity and increase or decrease the number of devices you use with your kit. Additional cubes allow for increase energy storage (and/or selling energy surpluses) and thus for powering a TV or Fan at night, for example. Typically, villagers start using a basic kit and climb the energy ladder over time, for example by upgrading to TV and/or Fan.

More information about The Rural Spark Solutions

Rural Spark Energy kits

The Rural Spark energy kit is a high quality energy solution. Customers become local energy suppliers who sell the energy to their fellow villagers, becoming resilient entrepreneurs. The Spark Station can power any 5V USB 12V appliance; includes a prepaid system & modular battery storage; and is supported by the Rural Spark Service Platform.

Premium Resellers

Become a premium reseller by distributing Rural Spark Energy Kits into rural areas that lack decent access to energy. Rural Spark works closely together with it's premium resellers and provides ICT solutions by access to the Rural Spark Service Platform. All to provide the best proposition to your customers. Contact us for sales enquiries and we'll reach out to you.

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Energy is stored in Rural Spark Share Cubes. These modular battery packs store surpluses of energy that can be used to power appliances later when no energy is generated (e.g. on a cloudy day in case of solar) or the demand is higher (e.g. to watch that specific match on tv).

PrePaid solution

The Spark Station is activated by entering an automatically generated code after payment. The Spark Station indicates when the Local Energy Supplier runs out of balance, warning in advance, triggering action. After topping up (paying the instalment) another activation code is generated to re-activate the Spark Station for the period payed for. 


External, modular energy storage allows for flexibility in storage capacity to fit any energy demand. Also, storage of energy in external battery packs allows for exchange of energy between users. All people using the Rural Spark kit are part of the same network that can exchange energy among users, building towards a smartly distributed system.


Robust, shock-proof design; Dust and water resistent; Clear and simple interface indicating available energy, system status, and pre-paid balance;
Designed from within the context, to fit the rural context.

A Range of appliances

We offer a range of appliances that are energy efficient and they work well together with the Rural Spark router. You can also connect any appliance that runs on USB (like mobile phones) or that works on 12V DC.

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181031 Devices Overview.001.jpeg

SolaR Powered

Rural Spark's Energy Kit comes with a solar panel, which can be connected to one of the three 17V ~ 24V DC inputs. The Spark Station had Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) built in to make the most use of the solar energy.

The Rural Spark router can also be connected to your power sockets, to capture en store energy from the grid as well.

Rural Spark Service Platform

The Rural Spark Service Platform supports the complete value chain. This online tool tracks & triggers payments, activates systems, provides service, offers marketing opportunities and makes the money flow transparent for distribution partners.

The service, monitoring, managing and retail platform works together with the Rural Spark Spark Station and your existing infrastructure. This platform facilitates marketing campaigns, pre-paid payments, changes in subscriptions and other customer facing interactions through sms and phone and gives real-time insights to management.