Become a partner of Rural Spark

Provide access to clean, safe and sustainable energy by offering them a reliable, future proof solution
that is modular and allows to powers households as well as entire villages.

Distributing Partnership

You have reach into the rural areas with a demand for energy access and the capacity to purchase and receive larger volumes of our solution.
Reach out to us for the opportunities of becoming a premium Rural Spark distribution partner.


You are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or retailer looking to add a high quality, reliable energy solution that - thanks to its modular nature - develops along with the development of the village and thus continuously generates after sales, to your portfolio. Reach out to us to establish this together

Project Partner

Impact funds, project managers, government or community-based organisation interested in realising a program with us for access to clean, safe and sustainable energy in a reliable and future proof way generating Impact.
Reach out to Rural Spark to discuss the opportunities for a sustainable program.



Being a Rural Spark Premium Partner you offer our customers (a subscription to) a high quality solar energy solution that allows your customers to enjoy lighting, use a fan, watch TV and charge mobile phones. Products by Rural Spark do not just provide access to clean, safe and sustainable energy, they allow users to increase their livelihood and to provide generated energy to fellow villagers. Becoming resilient entrepreneurs taking ownership of the system, they generate additional income which increases their livelihood and purchasing power.

Enabling for the exchange of energy surpluses between users, Rural Spark offers a solution that provides reliable access to energy as compared to most existing temporary, often stand alone, solutions.

Providing a villager with the Rural Spark energy kit allows him/her to generate, use, trade and sell energy while creating serious environmental, social and economic impact.

Working with Rural Spark goes beyond providing access to clean, safe and sustainable energy as Rural Spark is constantly improving the products and network to make more efficient use of the energy generated by increasing the smartness of the network. It’s the only Energy Kit with that’s actually growing a network. Tap into the possibilities of smartly distributed energy networks of tomorrow, starting today.

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A win, win, win

Users pay a monthly instalment to become owner of the Rural Spark energy Kit while still making profit with their micro-venture. Consequently the investment-amount of the energy kit (together with the costs of the financial product offered) will return in 18 to 24 months. Investing in Rural Spark Energy Kits thus is a revolving investment as new kits can be purchased from the returning instalments.

For distribution companies this means revolving profits, for funds running electrification programs this means your investment is continuously used for empowering rural villagers to electrify their villages. This initial financing will really be catalysing continuous development, providing reliable, sustainable energy (in stead of a temporary stand-alone solution).