Modular, high quality electrification solutions
that provide energy to homes and entire villages

Designed to climb the energy ladder, designed to share energy.


Building the ecosystem for the energy solutions of tomorrow

To realise energy access, Rural Spark provides a complete ecosystem with 3 key solutions.

3 key solutions - Rural Spark Energy Kit.jpeg

Rural Spark
Energy Kit

Consists of a central Router with smart cubes (battery packs) that charge a growing number of devices with power from the solar panel(s) connected to the Router. Lamps, phones, TVs, fans and even computers can be powered. The modularity of this systems allows for an affordable entry with a basic kit, that can increase in capacity anytime to climb the energy ladder.

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Rural Spark

To support our partners, premium local distribution companies), the Rural Spark kit contains a build-in PayGo mechanism that works with the Rural Spark Service Platform. Users of the kit can pay in instalments with local mobile money providers, integrated in our cloud-based platform. On top of that, the platform offers an (after) sales, monitoring and reporting tool to our partners.

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rural spark

Rural Spark offers her partners a unique proposition: receive the products and pay for them in 2 to 3 years. This allows local distribution partners to align their cashflow with the financing model they provide to the users of the kit. Access to capital in the local market is very expensive, holding back the market. Rural Spark offers affordable and fitting access to finance to its partners.

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rural spark
on-site service

Rural Spark provides an after-sales and technical service to its partners, by producing them with a well trained solar engineer. In larger ongoing and repeating partnerships, Rural Spark will identify and train a person to become a professional solar engineer. Located in the partners office to provide technical assistance and after-sales services.

Build toward plug & play smart mini grids

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Connecting users creates a network of entrepreneurs generating energy. Initially these links will be established through the exchange of Rural Spark cubes, over time evolving into wired connected users. Together we create a smart plug & play network that is reliable, local and distributed.