Modular, high quality electrification solutions
that provide energy to homes and entire villages

designed to climb the energy ladder, designed to share energy.


Modular Capacity
Custom configuration, increase capacity and appliances any time

High Quality
With 2 year replacement guarantee program

Remote Monitoring
With the Rural Spark Service Platform, allowing for direct interaction with users

Empowering users to become resilient while increasing livelihood

Top up for activation and track payments

Energy Sharing
Connecting users, linking supply and demand

Business Creation
Village Level Entrepreneurship earning additional income

Each kit reaches multiple households

Sustainable Solution
Step by step growing of a reliable Plug & Play smart mini grid

Energy Router

The core of the Rural Spark solutions. Connect solar panels or the grid. The 16 USB ports and 2 powerful 12V outlets allow you to power any appliance. Our Pay-Go solution is build right in the core chip of the router.

Service Platform

The online Service Platform activates routers, tracks payments, facilitates marketing campaigns and offers a realtime overview of all running loans and their status. Makes the money flow transparent for partners.

Modular energy storage

Energy is stored in smart Rural Spark Cubes. These battery packs can be used directly, or supply energy back to the router to power appliances. Use the number of cubes that fit your energy demand and budget.

Build toward plug & play smart mini grids


Connecting users creates a network of entrepreneurs generating energy. Initially these links will be established through the exchange of Rural Spark cubes, over time evolving into wired connected users. Together we create a smart plug & play network that is reliable, local and distributed.

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