Videos on Rural Spark

Explaining our mission, our product and the effects in the field. Check it out.

Rural Spark builds modular, smart energy solutions for rural India. It goes beyond a stand-alone product, making it future proof. Learn about the mission of Rural Spark.

This video features the Rural Spark Entrepreneur kit, designed to spark the entrepreneur within villagers. It provides them access to energy, while earning additional income by selling energy to their fellow villagers. Obviously the configuration can be changed, for example TVs or Fans can be added.

Rural Spark develops and implements new ways of using small scale energy sources in Rural India. In this short video we explain our model and how it will grow into a new sustainable energy network in rural areas.

The approach used by Rural Spark, Hidden Design, which is further developed by the Dutch design agency "Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken". They apply the approach described above in many other projects, confirming that hiding the fact that you are designing new products, allows people to truly reflect on new proposals as acutall customers, as real users.

The effect is of the Rural Spark solution in the field. See what happens if our distribution partner Basix provides the Rural Spark kit to rural villagers.
Video by Oiko Credit.