Rural Spark's Energy Kits

The Rural Spark Energy Kit is a high quality energy solution.
Customisable configurations available

1. Appliances

Choose our or 3rd party applications you want to power


2. Router and Cubes

Let the Rural Spark Router manage the energy, just select the number of cubes to store energy and power your appliances.


3. Source of Energy

Connect up to 2 Solar Panels to the router, or connect the router to the grid.


4. Service & Monitoring

The Service Platform facilitates marketing campaigns, pre-paid payments, changes in subscriptions and other customer facing interactions through sms and phone and gives real-time insights to management.


Popular Configurations

Some families want a TV, and others just want to charge a phone and run a few lights.
Our wide range of solutions meets the needs and budgets of many different households.
Each solution fits in a simple box, and is easy to install at home.


  • Custom, flexible configurations to increase capacity and applications any time;
  • Energy sharing, connecting villagers by linking supply & demand;
  • Step by step growing of a reliable plug & play smart mini grid.


  • Unique deep-reach multiplier effect as each kit reaches multiple households;
  • Improving livelihood and rural development;
  • Resilient villagers, increasing self esteem & livelihood.

pay as you go

  • Secure proper loan payback with smart pre-paid token system;
  • Online Rural Spark Service Platform to monitor payments;
  • Easy SMS interface for registrations & payments. 

Smart technology,

  • High quality, build to last for over 5 years;
  • 2 Year replacement warranty;
  • Durable components, cleverly designed and made in India;
  • Custom designed, state of the art smart charging and power management technologie.


  • Village level entrepreneurship, earning income by providing energy to fellow villagers;
  • Kit is perceived as a income generator, not a cost.
  • Increased financial position in village results in more business opportunity for dealers

Business generation

  • Village level entrepreneur earning income;
  • Users in increase capacity over time and buy additional applications, or become shop-owners for additional (energy) products;
  • Users inspire other villagers to become a Village Level Entrepreneur over time.



Rural Spark offers a service and retail platform working together with the Rural Spark Spark Station and your existing infrastructure. The platform tracks & triggers payments, activates systems, provides service, facilitates  marketing campaigns directly to users and makes the money flow transparent for distribution partners. It allows for direct customer interactions through SMS (multi language voice messages included) and gives real-time management insights. Also, Rural Spark offers a direct support line for field agents and Local Energy Suppliers

  • Register and activate routers;
  • Receive payment confirmation;
  • Sent out tokens for router activation;
  • Track payment status of each user;
  • Track money collection of each field agent;
  • Have an overview of payment statuses;
  • Directly in touch with users of the kit