Welcoming Tamanna to the team

As per this week, we are happy to welcome Tamanna Chaudhary to our team. Tamanna will join as an Account Manager, strengthening the business development team of Rural Spark. Rural Spark launched their new products earlier this year and is now actively entering the market. We're happy to have Tamanna on board, making it happen.

Tamanna started her career at Future Group as a Brand Manager and later joined AIACA (All India Artisans & Craftworkers Welfare Association). At AIACA she worked with craft enterprises to establish viable & sustainable businesses to compete in the mainstream economy. She later went on to do her MBA in Marketing& Strategy from ISB and was working with the Category Marketing Team at adidas before joining Rural Spark. In her spare time, she continues to work with the artisans and create new products. Trust us, a real contribution to our team! :)

Furthermore, Tamanna is an avid trekker and loves to travel. She actively blogs about her travel experiences and enjoys exploring new cafes & bookstores.

Tamanna. Welcome to Rural Spark!