Welcome to Rina & Rita, our field agents in the Gaya District!

Meet Rina and Rita! As Rural Spark Field Agents, they are the connecting link between the Local Energy Suppliers providing energy for their villages, and our organisation. They have been involved with the operations Rural Spark is running in the Gaya District for quite some time already, but since April 1st, they officially join the Rural Spark team. Together we will increase the number of Local Energy Suppliers and continuously provide them of service to ensure a reliable energy network. This is where it actually happens, where you see the results and impact of of our activities! Good to have you on board Rina and Rita. Read more about their backgrounds below!

Rina comes with an experience of 7 years working for several reputed NGOs in India and has been actively involved in Community Mobilization, Farmer Training Programmes, formation and management of Self-Help Groups in Bankey Bazar area. As a Community Resource Person, she has been a part of many successful projects in the region including that of Vayam Renewable Energy Limited, Indian Grameen Services, and Bihar Mahila Samakhya Society. Her interest lies in institutionalization of rural initiatives and appropriate implementation of schemes at all levels.

Rita’s journey of professional career started off in 2009, and ever since then, she has been involved in various and diverse projects of renowned NGOs and funding agencies. Her experience of seven years is focused to Community Resource Person from village to the block level. Apart from her contribution at Vayam Renewable Energy Limited, Indian Grameen Services, and Bihar Mahila Samakhya Society, she has also worked on Project by NABARD focused on SRI and has worked with more than 150 farmers. Her interest lies in capacity building of individuals as well as unions, groups, and other platforms through intensive training programmes.