Ready to enter the market with Prarabdh joining the team!

As Rural Spark is about to launch their new solution to the market, we're happy to have Prarabdh Mishra joining the team as our Sales & Marketing Head.

Prarabdh brings a diverse set of experience in sales and business development on the table, ranging from human resource skill assessment to credit rating agencies. He was previously heading sales for an e commerce startup, before that he worked for CRISIL (A Standard's & Poor's Company). Here he worked closely with the govt and regulatory bodies to bridge in  the gap between policy making and implementation. He has also worked closely with a lot of startups in consultant and adviser capacity.

Prarabdh believes in working closely with the end user at the grass root level and uses his learning and observations to work on the wider aspects of business. He will be working on expanding our geographical reach and will manage our sales channel partners. He will be also making sure that the user experience of our customers are in accordance with our objectives. 

Levering channels of existing rural distribution companies, we will forge many partnerships to ensure high quality service is provided by providing rural Indian villagers access to energy.

An avid reader, he is well travelled and loves to backpack whenever possible. He also like adventure sports and motorcycle rides and is a big rock 'n roll fan. He is an MBA and a Bachelor of Commerce and loves to stay updated on economics and management studies.

We're happy to have him on board, already seeing how his enthusiasm and sharp mind add to our cause. Prarabdh, welcome to the team!