Nitin joins Rural Spark as Product Head

We're happy to see Nitin Dyundi joining Rural Spark to support the company in its crucial transition phase as we embark on our ambitious commercial build-out and growth phase.

Nitin is quite a green energy enthusiast. He has already been working hard to ensure rural education, sanitation and a way to improve employment opportunities in the Rural areas. His MBA in Operations will be a valuable asset to the company as we plan to scale up our processes in various parts of the country.

At Rural Spark, he will be working as the Product Head

Nitin started his career at Hero MotoCorp. Ltd. as a Graduate Engineering Trainee and completed his stint as Deputy Manager in the Production/Process Engineering team. Upon completing his MBA in Operations from ISB Hyderabad he continued his development as Vice President Manufacturing Excellence in Trident Group.

Furthermore Nitin has been bitten by the travel bug hard. During his free time he likes to roam around the unbeaten path of the unexplored countryside, observing and looking for opportunities to make life better. If you see him riding the village paths on his bicycle don’t hesitate to say hi. He loves interacting with people and having philosophical debates on a variety of topics.

Nitin’s power of will and single minded focus on achieving his objectives is something that the Rural Spark team is looking forward to. 

Happy to have you on board Nitin!