Rural Spark goes Indiegogo

From the outset, we have set ourselves the ambitious task to build energy solutions that facilitate access to energy in regions that are deprived of this fundamental right. We have already celebrated many achievements over the last few years and today we are proud to announce that we are scaling up!

As you will understand it is impossible to achieve all our milestones alone. Therefore we invite everyone to contribute to our cause by launching a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo on the 22nd of June. We are working hard towards becoming one of the most successful campaigns ever on Indiegogo, and aim to raise up to €300,000. The funds raised will be used towards the sales and distribution of a large quantity of Rural Spark Energy Kits, that are built to bring greater prosperity to some of the most isolated communities in India.

To promote our crowdfunding project, we will start with a “thunderclap campaign” on the 5th of June.
Please contact us if you wish to contribute, assist or want to know more about our efforts in achieving access to energy for the 400 million Indian people that still live without this basic right. Your help, ranging from organising activities within your organisation to talking about it with your friends and family, is much appreciated and will be crucial to our joint success.

If you, like us, believe that everyone should have access to energy. Or, if you sympathise with our efforts, please send us an e-mail or join our Facebook group. In our next newsletter you will learn even more about the many things we have achieved and the goals we are striving towards.