Local Energy Suppliers

A bottom up enegy solution through a growing network of resilient entrepreneurs

We should approach villagers in rural India as resilient and creative entrepreneurs
as well as value-demanding consumers.
— C. K. Prahalad

Local creativity

We’ve been running pilots the last years, and have connected more than 100 spark stations. We learned that respect for local cultures and ideas is the only way to take this forward. Our customers showed us so many new ways of using our products. We have customers renting out study rooms, schools running TV’s on surplus energy from local energy suppliers, people lighting cricket matches and so many more really cool applications. Our customers, becoming village level entrepreneurs, create and develop their own village level business models.

As our Local Energy Suppliers provide energy to their fellow villagers, our solution is able to reach the 'bottom' of the base of the pyramid - untouched by most of the solutions out there. In stead of enormous operational costs for rural distribution companies, Rural Spark provides Local Energy Suppliers with an opportunity to earn money and confidence by providing energy to their fellow villagers. Learn about some responses from both Local Energy Suppliers as well as their customers by scrolling down.

Rural Spark's Energy Model

Rural Spark works with a entrepreneur model. People who become customer with Rural Spark rent a Rural Spark Energy Kit. This kit contains of an energy source and a Spark Station with Spark Cubes. The Spark Station functions like a range of power sockets. Customers can use the products or charge mobile phones or lamps for their neighbours. This way they earn money. With the renal model offered by Rural Spark, people can make profit from day one, and become what we call "Local Energy Suppliers"

On top of that, the Spark Cubes enable the trade of energy between different entrepreneurs. In future versions of the Spark Station, we will enable the use of cables to trade energy surpluses.

the floor to local energy suppliers and their customers

Rural Spark's local energy supplier model builds upon local village dynamics. People are respected to run their own operations in the village which greatly smoothens the introduction of small energy products in rural villages. The models moves away from telling the villages how to develop and allows for locally designed business innovations, resulting in more respect and sense of responsibility for the systems. Below some of the observations in our pilots.

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