What really happens in the field


Join a virtual tour through some of the villages Rural Spark is active and hear about some personal stories from actual Local Energy Suppliers. This is where it really happens.





Chatra district, Jharkhand.

This cluster of villages is located at the border of Jharkhand and Bihar. In Bankey Bazar, grid electricity is available but with only limited hours of availability, it is not reliable at all. Rural Spark, through their Local Energy Suppliers who offer energy to their fellow villagers, provides energy on a reliable base. The model does not only provide them an (additional) income, it also establishes a certain social position within the village, increasing their confidence. Interesting about the area is that our activity here is actually being managed by Rita and Rina, who started out as Local Energy Suppliers in Bankey Bazar, Bihar.

Learn about some personal stories and background of a few of the Local Energy Suppliers.