Smartly distributed energy solutions

Growing the world’s next energy network, smartly distributed, viable and sustainable, through entrepreneurship and a unique approach that empowers for local systems to emerge

The only way to get true insights in how to transform society, is by actually doing it
— Rural Spark

Rural Indian villagers using a Rural Spark Energy Kit and become Local Energy Suppliers who generate, use and sell energy. By trading energy surpluses with other Local Energy Suppliers in the network, supply and demand are linked.

The outdated, expensive and resource intensive grids, traditionally constructed in most developed areas do not provide the solution to electrify all of rural India. Rural Spark offers a unique opportunity to leapfrog the traditional, centralised grid based on the concept of Smartly Distributed Energy networks. Starting in rural India, where there are 400 million people without access to clean, safe and sustainable energy, Rural Spark provides high qualitative energy kits, containing of an energy source, the Rural Spark Spark Station and Share Cubes, and several applications. These solutions, developed through our unique approach (Hidden Design), enable a market for sustainable energy to emerge, working towards successful and reliable smart networks in rural areas.

Entrepreneurship in rural India: trading energy surpluses

In a village with a limited amount of electricity, people can join Rural Spark. Renting equipment, villagers become local energy suppliers and earn money by selling energy to their fellow villagers. When joining Rural Spark, one joins a network of many other entrepreneurs with different energy sources. Rural Spark facilitates the trading of energy surpluses between these Local Energy Suppliers.


The Rural Spark Spark Station allows to buy and sell energy from the Rural Spark network. Selling surpluses to others allows for additional income and increases efficiency as all the energy generated is actually being used. Moreover, being able to buy surpluses on the market makes the network reliable: if a Local Energy Supplier needs additional energy to serve his customers, it is easily available on the market in which energy coming from multiple different sources is balanced.


By providing high-quality energy kits that stimulate village level entrepreneurship, creating Local Energy Suppliers, rural villagers (often tribal and currently underserved) gain access to safe and sustainable energy, reliable and affordable. Moreover, Rural Spark realises access to energy in a future proof solution that is able to develop along with the development of the village, leapfrogging the centralised grid and existing stand-alone, temporary solutions.


The disruptive impact created by Rural Spark’s solutions is large. Not only does it provide access to clean, save and sustainable energy for potentially 400.000.000 rural Indian people, it also leapfrogs the outdated, top-down centralised energy grids. These smartly distributed energy networks will alter the way we use energy, empowering users. Reliable networks developed by Rural Spark will set example for energy networks all over the world, including the “developed world”.